One thought on “Sum 41 – Still Waiting

  1. I thought the world a horrid place before I got on the right medication. Time does not heal those of us with mental illness, medication does. Or, more correctly, if not heal, it allows us to deal with the world. I had isolated myself from the world and am now a part of it again. Sure there are some rotten people out there but there are far more good people. My perception was really screwed up prior to seroquel and I connected with the wrong sort of people. I did not perceive that they were taking advantage of my good nature. I am not sure if I was angry as much as I was frustrated by everything. Wondering why I was unable to live a functional life like others. Now I have the answer, BiPolar, I understand and that allows me to change things for the better. It’s not perfect, and never will be, but at least things are progressing in the right direction.


Rant on, my friends!

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