8 thoughts on “Why can’t I think like this…

  1. My mind turns to negativity when I get over-stressed with the everyday things: work, money, keeping my house clean. Some weeks I’m just trying to make it to my bed every night, not even fully aware of what day it is. I try to stay positive by doing the things I love — writing, being with friends, staying busy — and by telling myself that it’s all working towards something better, even if that only means having a little extra cash to spend on the weekends. It turns the grind into a process. Hope that helps 🙂


      • I know what you mean. I try to make health/fitness a part of my everyday routine, but it does get tough to balance, and I end up sacrificing going to the gym for some other obligation. If you manage to get into a regular health routine, however, it becomes lifestyle rather than another obligation… if that makes sense.


  2. Somes days it’s hard. I know logically good times are ahead but some times it’s not fast enough. I had a mentdown this morning, a little pity party then logged in and feel better. I’m Bipolar and have a health issue, the stress built up and lid blew. I have felt less depressed overall since starting my new blog. What types of methods do you use to deal with or prevent? Thanks. 🙂


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