Welcome back, Anger! How I’ve missed you!

I can feel myself start to slip back into my old angry ways.

I am so irritated at everything and everyone.
I’m starting to feel angry and impatient.
I CAN NOT sleep at night.
I feel my mind running and ideas popping up every second.

I told my husband that I was feeling bad, hint to him saying that I’m not taking my meds and maybe he should notice, and he says to me ‘maybe it’s your period’

Really? My period. GOD.
I really want to punch him out and everyone that says anything to me.

…but really it’s no one else’s fault but my own that I’m not keeping up with my health, but what is the fucking point of family and friends when no one calls you out or helps keep you on track.

I’m by myself in this world.
I’ll die myself
That’s all I need.

3 thoughts on “Welcome back, Anger! How I’ve missed you!

  1. Perhaps sometimes you need to state that you are off your meds rather than just hint? That should resolve any comments about your period even being mentioned. Just a suggestion.


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