Seattle shooting suspect treated for mental illness, attorney says

Seattle shooting suspect treated for mental illness, attorney says

“The suspect in the Thursday shootings at Seattle Pacific University has been treated in recent years for a “long-standing mental illness,” which his attorney said might have prompted the deadly assault inside an engineering building at the small Christian campus.”

Oh really… you don’t say.

It seems like our brethren doesn’t know how to yell out for help. Or maybe the people around them are denying them help. I don’t know what’s going on but I know that there needs to be a way for them to yell out before hurting someone…


or maybe they have been yelling for help, but no one is listening…

4 thoughts on “Seattle shooting suspect treated for mental illness, attorney says

  1. It’s is a complex issue I don’t have the answer to. With all the types of shootings around the country, I’ve tried to keep up with what was the reason for their actions. I believe lawyers jump on anything to keep their client out of jail. It perpetuates the idea all mentally ill people could kill. It breaks my heart to hear of another school shooting. Parents on both sides are hurting and excuses are already in the media. I started my blog to show people my mental illness makes me no different from them. I have a strong belief mental illness doesn’t excuse someone of a crime. We all have to pay for bad decisions. It will be interesting to see how the lawyer uses this information. Maybe the shooter is mentally ill. I’ll keep my eye on it. How long is it going to take for people to open their mind to understanding mental illness. Some would be surprised their own children are classified with a mental illness due to the medicine they take. Sorry to rant, It’s hot topic with me. Have a great weekend.:)


    • I think this all comes down to a better mental health system and awareness system. Once people are aware then the problem can become resolved, also if we had a better mental health system I think awareness of the issue would rise and people would be more likely to help and pinpoint dangerous mental illness situations


      • We have to do something. I think on some levels people like teachers don’t want to get involved for potential fall out. It’s a vicious cycle. I thought when Glen Close started her foundation and talked about/with her sister and bother both have mental illness we might get some light on it. Last week was the first time I’ve seen anything about the foundation in over a year. We can do our part and keep pressure on our government. Have a great day.:)


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