I’m Forest Gump Running

So I have been trying to keep super busy lately.

I’ve been keeping busy to stop thinking crappy about myself and my life.

I have decided to become a Girl Scout Volunteer. Last weekend was my first GS Camp, and I loved it. I was tired and hungry by the end of it, but the girls were so cute and volunteering really helped me think of other things.

Now I am running again. I am in NY to see my family, which is helping but my mother (and maybe my grandmother) have a mental illness so sometimes its hard also.

I am running from myself, my home, my illness, my responsibilities, my pending fate…

Whatever that may be…

2 thoughts on “I’m Forest Gump Running

  1. I am SOOOOO impressed with your volunteering with the Girl Scouts! That’s huge in my book! We all run away sometimes but you ran to something worthwhile. Please give yourself a break! I hope that things go well with your mom & grandmother with all my heart!

    I think you’re amazing.
    hugs from your fan


  2. So has your mother been diagnosed with mental health issues?
    I look back on my late father and wonder if he, like me, was affected by mental health issues. His thinking and behaviour is mirrored in me. Yet he went undiagnosed and untreated.


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