I have never seen a video with someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder is filming their different personalities or alters. If I didn’t understand Mental Illness like I do, would think this person is faking, but I don’t and can’t think like that.

What do you think?

P.s. I really like this person’s videos. They are informative and real.

Meet Her Alters – Dissociative Identity Disorder

5 thoughts on “Meet Her Alters – Dissociative Identity Disorder

  1. I have a child with a severe mental health disorder. I would not doubt that she is intelligent and struggling with some sort of mental health disorder that prompts her to record these videos, but if you pay attention to her eyes, her pupils/eyes never change with her personalities. Her breathing pattern remains the same as well. Changes in the ways my daughter’s eyes focus are the first indicator to me that my daughter is struggling with dissociative aspects of her illness. If this woman does actually have this dissociative identity disorder, let me be the first to apologize. But living with someone who struggles each day, I question if she has a different disorder based on some key physical indicators that would normally indicate a shift.


    • I would recommend watching the majority of this video without sound. There is little change in her physical demeanor (except she changes her clothes/jewelry/make-up). I am concerned by what she says and how she behaves the end of this video which indicates mental health issues…but I am not a trained professional and wouldn’t suggest what the issue might be. So we need to send lots of light and love her way and hope she finds peace in this world.


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