Things to wake up for??

What are some things to wake up for, other than to live another day?

Its so hard to wake up, but to wake up with mental illness?? FORGET IT!

Although, in some of my recent posts, people have told me to find something to wake up for and to channel my energy into something creative…

…like what?

Everything that I start I stop because my mind says “this sucks, lets stop” or “I’m tired” and never picks it up again. How do I keep from being so scatterbrained? How do I find something I like to do….

…and make a million dollars off of it and never have to work again!!!!

What? Too much?

What wakes you up??

8 thoughts on “Things to wake up for??

  1. Usually my cat wakes me up initially and I feed her but go back to bed. I feel really guilty if I sleep the whole day away and I am having trouble getting to sleep at night so I try not to sleep too late (this is gradually changing, I am finding myself okay with being out of bed just before midday). Even if I have nothing to do, I try to go through some sort of routine with my boring days.


  2. Well, I’m off work for the moment too.. And supposed to “find a routine”. Geesh. So let’s see. The one thing I wake up for is what I have done ever since my hospitalization (ironically this got me totally into it, years ago): oatmeal, brown sugar, and almond milk (my substitute), and of course coffee! Then I watch an episode of “an idiot abroad” on Netflix while I decide what to do next. Which is usually take my dog out to pee. 🙂


  3. I also have a to do list, it’s crazy long and even has stuff that I want to do in the future like sleep under the Stars with someone I love or go skinny dipping. Somehow these random suggestions seem to brighten my list that otherwise seems a tad dull to my brain! I am also a massive fan of animal therapy- on the days when you can’t wake up for you I’m sure you could wake up to a beautiful puppydog 🙂 my dog is literally my best friend and can even tell if I’m gonna dissociate or have a panic attack before I know it’s happening and is there in an instant to cuddle and distract me. It may not work for you but I like having some long term goals as well as short term goals, written a book and making a difference to someone are some of mine. Stay strong lovely!!


  4. Coffee and Freakbook and my puppy Lucy!! I love your blog so much, and thanks for baring your soul to us! I’m proud of you for reaching out to us about things to wake up for! Stay strong…you are stronger than you realize!!!


  5. I wake up because my mind never stops. I have a mental to do list. I also use an app on my phone to write things down in so I don’t forget them. I never have paper/pen but i always have my phone.
    I make check lists on it. Make em off when they are done.
    The thing that still drives me nuts is when I sit down to do a task. I know what I’m doing. I know what I need. But I still sit down and forget a stapler. Then get it an realize I don’t have a pen. Then realize I left my drink where i grabbed the stapler. Then just as I’m ready to actually start working, I have to go to the bathroom.


  6. I got some great advice from a friend who is also not working. He keeps a running “To Do” list of all the things he needs to do-be it around the house, or paperwork related to insurance b.s., blah blah and he promises himself that he will do at least four things per day. I have adopted his method and added a few, like three things I MUST do every day: Lumosity, physical contact with someone I care about every day, and laughter. These things have helped me a lot. Oh, and COFFEE!! I only drink the best coffee with really tasty creamer, that pretty much makes my morning 🙂


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