3 thoughts on “How to Tell if Someone is Faking Mental Illness

  1. I am not one to judge who is faking, but I believe it is possible for some to choose an illness through self diagnosis. If they read the symptoms, and decided they may only have a few minor ones, some that vary to mental illnesses, or so on. They feel the need to justify it to keep from other speculations. I think it goes with thinking something is wrong, but not educated enough to know what or having a preference. They may favor an illness over another therefore glorify it. It is also possible to not internalize enough to get the full picture of symptoms they have to differ what is normal, and what is considered “ill”.


  2. I know someone who faked mental illness. She claimed to be suicidal so she could get housed by the local council. Drove me crazy, I have never been given anything and have had to fight for all the help I have got and have had genuine mental illness all my life.


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