Too much time on web ‘gives children mental health problems’

Too much time on web ‘gives children mental health problems’

Well, DUH!

There is no sunshine. No interacting with friends. No running, jumping, falling, hitting, laughing until the street lights come on.

Kids now are hook into the Matrix all day long with cellphones, internet, TV, radio. Anything and everything prevents them from going into the fresh air. Soon we will be looking like the people off of the Disney movie ‘WALL-E’:

Lazy, with a side of Mental Illness.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Too much time on web ‘gives children mental health problems’

  1. I’m a snarkbucket — my response is, ‘Pfft, I’ll just take my laptop out in the garden then!’ 😀

    One thing I’ve noticed since moving to the UK is you take the ridiculous STRANGER DANGER that the 80s-90s-00s kids in the States came up with, and add another dose of it. Which means people are too scared to let their kids outside, when um… most abductions and kidnappings are done by family members. Crime levels have either fallen or stayed the same rather than getting worse. And here, people don’t really have backyards of note, so yeah… definitely not enough getting out.


  2. I’ve said this type of thing for years. Lol
    I used to remember when video games first came out you had to be there to play together. Now a days, games aren’t made to have friends over. They are made to play online.
    The games are designed to be separated. You can barely find a game now that has a 2 player mode.
    Kids are definitely being sucked into the life I never lived. Leaving the house early morning, told to be home before dark. Not worrying about the bad people.


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