So I recently decided to make healthy changes for my body. I am eating right.

I didn’t sat working out… Oh no…I’m not that committed yet…(haha)

But I am watching what I eat. Keeping a food journal, smaller portions, you know. All though recently I was reading DIETING FOR DUMMIES and in one of the passages they talk about carbs being comfort food, but then they said something that kind of hit home…

“But pasta isn’t Prozac”

UGH!!!!! WHY??!?
Why do I feel so UGH about that passage? Is it because I’M ON PROZAC? I have always been a semi-sensitive person but really…a book that has nothing to do with mental illness…

I just am really feeling injustice when people talk about mental health or meds or weight or anything insulting or vague. I feel like I’m the cheerleader for our minds and bodies, but I have yet to come out with who I am or tell people that I have a mental illness.

Does that make me a poser??

If I were a poser wouldn’t Batman and other superheroes be? They are fighting bad guys in costumes, I’m behind a computer screen…

4 thoughts on “INJUSTICE??? Call me BATMAN!!!

  1. You are a dear person. You don’t have to disclose your illness indiscriminately. Do people walk up to you and say “Hi, I have irritable bowel syndrome!” (Whenever I hear of someone having that I immediately picture them sitting on the toilet having diarrhea). You disclose as it serves you. You have an illness and job #1 is to take care of yourself. Sending you a BIG HUG!!


  2. First, I do not think you are a poser. I believe we all come out in our own time. I came out because of my blog because I didn’t feel that I could help lead the movement without being honest, but this took me 6 years to realize. So seriously take your time and do it on your terms. Don’t worry about what others think. (Easier said than done as I still do) But we shouldn’t care. What you are doing with your blog is AMAZING! You are bringing awareness, you are giving close up on others with the illness, you my friend are out there, you aren’t hiding behind anything.

    I am completely disgusted at this Dieting for Dummies for making light of these medications. I know I know we all need to lighten up. However, you can’t lighten up until the stigma is gone. I will get light once the stigma is removed from the situation. I LOVE to laugh and sarcastic humor is my favorite, but this isn’t funny. It’s insulting and should be removed. I encourage you as silly as it sounds, write the publisher make yourself known. They need to know their antics aren’t appreciated and violate their book Mental Illness for Dummies. You can’t promote something in one to make fun of it in another.

    You go girl!!! I am so proud of you. Never think you are a poser, you are so far from it!!!!


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