This month try and tell someone about mental illness.

Share your experience with someone you know might be struggling.

Volunteer at a local hospital and help out other mental illness patients.

Tell someone that you love that you have a mental illness.

Start a mental health blog.

Raise money for your local NAMI chapter or another non-profit organization.

This month lets not just think about our problems, but the problems of all our brethren that is suffering. Sometimes to feel better is to help someone else feel better.

So, what can I do for a whole month to celebrate?? Any suggestions? What would you like to see on the B.U.L. Blog for MENTAL HEALTH MONTH!??!

5 thoughts on “HELLO MENTAL HEALTH MONTH!!!!

  1. Wow. This just made me realize that I started a bipolar blog during Mental Health Awareness Month. Unintentionally. This makes me feel like I was meant to.


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