From PAIN to PLAIN..

I have been absent lately because..


I don’t really know. I want to write, but what to write about has really stumped me. I am still taking Prozac and I feel MUCH MUCH better, but also, I feel disconnected from the mental health world. It’s really F-ed up because I know I have a mental illness, but once your feeling better it kind of goes into the background.

But isn’t that what I wanted? To live my life without symptoms of my illness?

Now my mind is on other things like work, what I’m going to cook for dinner, what are my cats doing, where are my pants. I mean my mind has shifted from pain to…plain.

I know this post is kind of becoming a melodrama of one, but I really feel out of the loop. Does that happen to you?

When you feel okay, do you let go of everything?

3 thoughts on “From PAIN to PLAIN..

  1. I totally slack off when I’m feeling better. I reckon that it’s just a normal thing from not having as much need to vent. Hooray for feeling better for however long! 😀


  2. It can be very unsettling for our daughter to adjust when symptoms are quiet…as if something is very out of place…like a missing limb…like part of her is missing. It takes a lot of effort to adjust. Hang in there. It’s worth it.


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