For the Yogi In All Of Us

For your Brain to relax on Brain Awareness Week. If your into yoga or thinking about it, here is a little photo to peak interest.

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For the Yogi In All Of Us – Relax your Brain

4 thoughts on “For the Yogi In All Of Us – Relax your Brain

  1. Not sure if I already posted this link, but you and this fab blog are mentioned here on the International Bipolar Foundation website:

    Hope you don’t mind my plugging that, but I write very nice things about YOU!

    In my personal blog, in tomorrow’s post “Anxiety Woes” (Sunday, March 16th) meditation and bipolar are discussed. My psychiatrist and counselor both meditate, so there’s gotta be something to it! 😉

    Have a good one and stay awesome. Your brain is precious!


      • You rock! I just liked it and followed and yadda yadda yadda. we were probably on it at the same time, ha ha! I will spread the word! I love using Facebook and it will be a great way to stay connected to all things B.U.L.


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