I am TOTALLY feeling this way right now.

I have overcome a situation that I been dreading for a while. It failed, but I tried and presented it in a different way, and I got results. Quickly! I’m really glad that I didn’t stop planning and walk away. I know understands what this songs really means. This is what it must feel like for people who aren’t faking this, because ultimately, isn’t taking medicine faking?

another time maybe. enjoy.

Aaliyah – Try Again

One thought on “Aaliyah – Try Again

  1. Overcoming a tough time feel great too! And a great song.
    It’s kind of broken, wouldn’t allow to play directly as it’s set. Then it linked me to main site an said it wouldn’t play mobile either. 😦 I had to go search it just to see it again. It’s been a long time…literally lol


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