Today’s Friday Interview scheduled for TOMORROW!

UGH! So, my computer is a mess! 

So I am typing this on another computer because I wanted to let you know that Friday’s You’re Just Like Me is going to schedule for tomorrow. (It’s going to be AWESOME!)

I’m sorry about the wait, but blame technology… and Windows.

Until then…

If you want to be featured in B.U.L. blog’s Friday guest blogger post, please email me the Q&A to The questions are on my blog or just email me and I’ll respond with them! Let share stories and help others not feel so alone!


4 thoughts on “Today’s Friday Interview scheduled for TOMORROW!

      • Thank you, I don’t feel great. I don’t feel ok. I just read today’s interview. Looking at the questions, I’ve not found an answer to anything. I’m crashing through my life like a horny elephant. I promise, when I’ve finally found some relief I’ll take you up on your offer. But right now, I only see darkness.


      • Oh no Buc! Well you know my email if you need to really talk or if you want to set up a google talk we can. Your not alone with this, please use your wordpress family!


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