Hello Prozac,..I mean, Fluoxetine

So I am on Prozac now. Actually I am on a generic med called Fluoxetine.

It is making me sleepy, and hungry, but not angry, depressed, or sad. I don’t know how much I like it yet. While I was on Wellbutrin I felt energized, fit, healthy, and on track. This makes me feel on track, but about 5pm I feel so sleepy and take naps. Then I am up until 2am.

Well I have only been on it for 5 days, so we will see how this goes…

Other than that, I am waiting to hear back from jobs, but I am thinking if they haven’t called me back yet, they probably won’t.


and I was so looking forward to work with retail customers again…


oh well, on to the next one…

4 thoughts on “Hello Prozac,..I mean, Fluoxetine

  1. Prozac is one antidepressant I’ve never been on (I don’t think), but it is a good drug and has been around a long time. Give it some time, and you should start doing better. Got my fingers crossed for you. Sending you thoughts of happiness.


  2. Prozac worked very well for me when I was in my thirties, then I tried it again after turning 50 and it sent me on a manic spin. One thing to remember is that there is no magic medical fix, and it may take time to find the cocktail that works for your body chemistry, and again, that may have to be tweaked along life’s journey. It helps to keep with a doctor who knows you and can follow your progress, build a trust, provide continuity in care.


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