Diagnosis Code

So, I snapped a photo of my diagnosis code from one of my therapy appointments and according to PsychCentral.com mines is…

Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent
296.33 Severe Without Psychotic Features

Well, you don’t say…

My Diagnosis Code. What’s Yours?

16 thoughts on “My Diagnosis Code. What’s Yours?

  1. Just discovered your blog and started following. My label is pink sparkly blue with blood encrusted edges and reads Bipolar II Cyclothemic. (Handle with care) and like yours, my meds change names so often I have to write the old names on the packets until I get used to them, just for the fun of them changing again…. it’s a ploy to make us worse!


  2. I actually have mine on several letters, ’cause my psych CC’s me the ones he sends to my GP!

    Mine reads:

    Diagnosis: Bipolar Affective Disorder – F31 (Rapid cycling type)

    The UK operates off of the ICD-10 rather than DSM: http://www.icd10data.com/ICD10CM/Codes/F01-F99/F30-F39/F31-

    So technically, there should probably be something after that F31, but I’m still a relatively new patient. It’s only been two years since my diagnosis, and I threw a wrench into the fine-tuning with this pregnancy! 😀


      • Ahh, ok…I’m bipolar II. Yay what fun. The reality is there is no physical or psychological test that can truly tell you “what” type you are. Our chemicals are unbalanced. Which means if they test us today, then in a month we could get completely different results.


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