Goodbye Wellbutrin

Well its SAYONARA to Wellbutrin.

It was an okay med, but it has to go! I have an appt today with my med doctor, and I’m going to try and switch up.

The good side that I like is:

  • I haven’t feel that bad in a long time (other than last night)
  • I haven’t been eating as much shitty foods
  • I have been on task and track with things I need to do throughout my day
  • It has helped me stop smoking and drinking because every time I did I felt like shit
  • It give me energy in the mornings

The bad side:

  • I get kind of bad a headaches every other day
  • I don’t feel sexual AT ALL.
  • I can not have an orgasm AT ALL.
  • Did I say it gives me shitty headaches..

I mean the good over weights the bad, but I don’t feel like having to take headache meds every freaking day. Plus, I want to feel like I’m not taking anything, and on this med, I feel like I am all the time.

Well.. goodbye Wellbutrin. You were great, but you were a headache (ha!, see what I did there. Did I tell you about the headaches…?)

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Wellbutrin

  1. I hope you continue to feel better without the meds. I am currently on three different antidepressants. Sex for me is occasional at best. Has been for a while. At least my husband understands. He knows that without the meds I would be suicidal. For some of us the good out weighs the bad.


  2. Well for antidepressants, I’ve been on lexapro. Seems ok…I’m at the doc now to make adjustments.
    I’m always feelling sexual, could still have to do with my mentality.
    But I also cannot have an orgasm. While my wife doesn’t mind the extended fun, after an hour to hour an a half I just get frustrated an tired an give up…
    It may be different for you, but figured I’d chime in with my experience. Good luck


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