9 thoughts on “Some people..

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s really hard to describe to people about our condition as the war all happens in our head. I’ve met a lot of non-judgmental ones though who I’m lucky enough to call my friends.


    • Great! Having a great support team is nice. Not alot of my friends know, but the ones that do…don’t really care. I guess that means that they are okay with it… who knows..


  2. “The author of The Compassionate Mind Paul Gilbert Ph.D. wrote, after meeting a lot of people in psychotherapy sessions for more than thirty years, he concluded that there is one trait of people who are mentally ill…it is the inability to be kind, warm, to love life.”

    Grede Prama posted this on his site today. People like Dr. Paul Gilbert are the reason that there is stigma associated with mental illness. Even people in other cultures read this crap and think it is gospel. I am mentally ill. I have bipolar d.o., and I am kind, warm and love life. Sorry…but this pisses me off. Just had to say so. This is the sort of published material that is the origin of stigma.


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