WHAT! A place that helps the mentally-illed FOR REAL?! WOW! This needs to be rang from the rooftops! THE HILLS ARE ALIVE with the sound of SUCCESS!


Bellevue has a renowned psychiatric emergency care unit.  The psychiatric unit, alone, treats roughly 7000 people a year for serious mental illness.

Bellevue Hospital was founded in the early 1700’s and provided various medical services.  It was not until the 1870’s that a wing was created for the ‘insane’.  At that time, it was considered quite revolutionary as the wing was on the same grounds and in close proximity to the rest of the hospital.  This included a nursery ward, clinical classrooms, surgery room, an emergency room (origin of the modern ambulance service), a nursing school, and the nation’s first children’s clinic.

Like many psychiatric wards in the United States, Bellevue’s had its ups and some very well publicized downs.  However, today, without question the hospital is considered a leader in treating those who suffer from severe mental illness.  This 75 minute documentary, that aired in 2001, allows people to…

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