So I finally got prescribed meds and she gave me:


WELLBUTRIN (echo…echo…echo)

Is anyone on this drug? How does it make you feel? On the fun med site that I like to use http://www.crazymeds.us they say

“Being marketed by Glaxo sales reps, and Dr. Drew, as the “happy, horny, skinny pill.”

Is this a good thing? If it was that kind of pill, wouldn’t everyone be trying it? 

I have to take it once a day, in the morning, and then see how it goes. She warned me about headaches that can happen with it. 

I’m scared. This is my first time ever taking an anti-depressant, and well…

What do you think?



ps. here’s the site to the Wellbutrin page: http://www.crazymeds.us/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Meds/Wellbutrin

9 thoughts on “Well…bu…trin…

  1. Wellbutrin is an atypical antidepressant, not an SSRI. It is safer for people with bipolar to take as it doesn’t tend to cause upswings.

    I originally took Lexapro (an SSRI) as an aggressive measure to help bring my mood up and alleviate anxiety. It did, too far, and I remained unstable partially b/c of Lexapro. It did knock me out of the bad depression cycles I had.

    Now, I take Wellbutrin instead to prevent any down swings from happening and I haven’t been clinically depressed in years. My down swings are due to life, not my chemical imbalances. It has never triggered an upswing for me. It’s a great drug for bringing your mood up and preventing your mood from dipping low in the first place as you take it longer.

    Keep us posted!


  2. I’ve been on it. I have schizoaffective bipolar type, but deal with more depressive episodes and mixed episodes. The Welbutrin made me restless and I couldn’t sit still, but never induced mania if that’s what you are worried about. I’ve known people to take if for help quitting smoking and losing weight, it wasn’t effective for either of those for the people I know.


    • They put me on it more for my depression. Your the first person that has told me how its like for them…and now i’m scared. I don’t have schizoaffective bipolar…but…SHIIITT!!


      • I just couldn’t handle the restlessness, I am on other medications so it could have been an interaction. I currently take 2 anti-depressants, a mood stabalizer, and an anti-psychotic.


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