Attack of the CO-WORKERS!

Co-workers are the worst.

I mean, mines aren’t really THAT bad, but when you have a undisclosed mental illness plus co-workers under the age of 20-21, it can get kind of annoying.

I really try not to show my angry at work. I lie everyday and become something I’m not, just so I can get through the night, without looking like a super bitch.

As many jobs as I’ve had, I don’t understand why people liked me. Yeah, i’m reliable, cool, unique and trustworthy, but I’m not nice, and/or at all interested in their lives because I’m so wrapped up in mines.

What do you think? How do you handle co-workers at your job?

7 thoughts on “Attack of the CO-WORKERS!

  1. I work with mostly older people at the order desk and I find they are far less understanding than the younger guys in the back. The “suck it up” and “back in my day” mentality is still alive and well! Oh and mental illness is made up according to one older gentleman who works beside me! I feel your pain.


  2. I usually get the brunt of jokes. It has something to do with the personality I project but I don’t get bothered much by it as long as the jokes are still tasteful but I’ll surely react if they’re not.


    • NICE! I’m glad you have a support system at work. What a great job..or great co-workers!

      although, I think you may need to watch being the brunt of the jokes. They might not know its really not okay to joke about such things and do it behind your back or to other people…


  3. I’m pretty honest and upfront with people about mine. I refuse to put on an act or hide something that I did not ask for! Usually goes down well. And if it doesn’t, they aren’t worth working with.


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