Insurance for Mental Health patients SUCKS BIG ONES!

Okay, so I don’t know where you live, but I live in the United States, and I can tell you from semi-experience that having a mental illness is like having the plague when it comes to the insurance people.

Why? Aren’t we the ones using it more? Won’t the insurance companies get WAY MORE out of us then some healthy brained DOUSHE!?

Why am I so upset? Well my husband and I took out life insurance polices, and our financial advisor told us that the insurance company might turn me down because of having bipolar disorder! TURN ME DOWN? WHAT? WHY? Actually, the insurance people can turn you down for anything pre-condition.

FUCK YOU to them! How dare you dangle something that will HELP MY LIFE and make me become healthy but not give it to me because you think I am a flight risk. How dare you tell me that my husband can’t get help if I die because an illness that DOESN’T DIRECTLY AFFECT HIM! How are you putting stipulations on my wellness?

So does that mean everyone that has ever had ANYTHING in their lives is a risk?

I wonder how many top officials that make these stupid rules have a mental illness, or have a family member or friend with mental illness? I bet you that they bend the rules for the  SCROOGE MCDUCKS of the world


How ironic. The one thing really meant to help us is a Indiana Jones boulder…just coming at us…running us over.


7 thoughts on “Insurance for Mental Health patients SUCKS BIG ONES!

  1. ALL insurances of any kind want you to buy their policy, but just try using them and see what happens. They’re happy to take your money, but they don’t want you to file a claim. Home Insurance: We had the same one for 33 years, our house was broken into, they had to pay a couple thousand dollars, then they canceled us. I can’t get long term disability insurance because I have a mental illness history. If I killed myself, my life insurance wouldn’t want to pay until a year after my policy so by gosh I’d have to make sure I waited a year before I did that if I so desired to take that route. See how rich the people are that sell insurance and you will know. They want your business, but they don’t want you to actually have to USE it. Do I sound bitter? 🙂


    • you sound as bitter as I do, and for good reason! Insurance is a joke, and no one is doing anything about it. Why is it so hard to get help nowadays?

      i’m so sorry about your home and circumstance, but im glad your still fighting the fight!


  2. I was denied insurance because of…wait for it…amenorrhea. I have infrequent periods due to low body weight/fat. I work out 5 days a week and am in great shape, but MISSING PERIODS is reason enough to be denied insurance! What a crock!


  3. You are right, insurance companies won’t sell an policy to someone with bipolar. They figure mental health patients are more likely to use medical resources, and therefore cost them more money. With life insurance, they figure I am more likely to kill myself than the average person. Insurance companies are not in business to help people, they make money by paying out as little as possible.


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