I hate what I’m doing ALL THE TIME!!

Everyday. Waking up. I hate what I do, what I’ve done. Ugh! I can’t seem to find a reason to it all.

I mean some people wake up and bounce up ready for the day, but me. Never have I ever waken up like that.

I hate that I have to go to work, to just get up and do anything.

I am so angry today.

3 thoughts on “I hate what I’m doing ALL THE TIME!!

  1. Hello! I wanted to thank you for the follow! I hope you enjoy Tiaras and Trianon! Then I read your post. Are you angry simply because of unemployment? If it makes you feel any better [I’m guessing it won’t but here goes] I’ve been unemployed for 6 years! And I’m a bilingual teacher! Yeesh!

    For one week, pretend you’re a trust-fund baby instead. It lightens my mood.


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