Is I Is or Is I Ain’t Bipolar??

To be or not to be. Fuck that question!

My friend (who is a therapist to the crazed) recently told me that I might not be what I seem. Which really means is that I could have a misdiagnosis OR multiple diagnoses.

Well SHIT! What do I call this blog now!

Hell if I know, Unemployed, and Lost?

I mean how can they NOT know what is what nowadays? I know people aren’t the same, and every illness can have the same ailments, different ailments, or no ailments at all, but doesn’t that mean they aren’t that diagnosis in the first place?

Did I lose anyone? Because I’m freaking lost myself.

It seems like I have to get new doctor, a new opinion, and a final name for what is really happening to me. For now, I’ll still call myself…ISHMAEL.


2 thoughts on “Is I Is or Is I Ain’t Bipolar??

  1. Honestly, I think there’s too much weight placed on diagnoses. “Disorders” are rigidly defined only so that they can be easily understood, but most people know that reality is more complicated. We can’t let a diagnosis become our identity. The best thing to do is to just understand the symptoms we have and try to treat those symptoms, and the causes, accordingly.


  2. Do it, get ALL the diagnoses!
    Seriously though, it’s incredibly important to know what parasite you are actually hosting so you can get proper treatment and who knows, it may be something with a better outcome longterm than bipolar. I say new doctor! New diagnoses!


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