Right after work and at night..

I am my MOST anger-est!! (THAT’S A WORD NOW!)

I have noticed that right when I get home, and right before bed, is when I pick fights, get mad for no reason, am restless, and rude. I don’t know why, but my brain clicks into I-HATE-YOU-DON’T-TOUCH-TALK-TO-ME mode. I feel liek a shit when I lash out at my husband.

EXAMPLE TIME!: Last night, we watched ‘This is the End’. A really funny movie! Well I was feeling great until I hit the bed, and he tried to cuddle with me. I instantly got mad for no reason. So, I told him that today, at the strike of midnight, that it was 5 day of NO SMOKING! He didn’t give me a answer I liked, and I blew up. I told him that he never supported what I was trying to do, and that I always have to support myself (which is kind of true…), but I made such a big deal about it. 5 days is a accomplish for ME, not him.

UGH!, I don’t know why I feel so ANGRY at these times. I even sometimes feel angry upon waking up, for no reason. I blow up at my cat because he is scratching himself. SCRATCHING! What is going on? Is this BIPOLAR? or do I have an ANGER issue…still…underneath it all.

Anger is my middle FUCKING name!

8 thoughts on “Right after work and at night..

  1. We are in the same boat. While at work I can be funny and happy during the day, mainly I have to because I work in retail. When I am home I am a different person. I do not plan on it or want to be I just am meaner and more aggressive. I sometime think I don’t like it at home, and sometimes feel like I rather be at work. I often wonder is it the reality of the struggles of life such as having enough money to pay bills, cooking, cleaning and other parts of family life. I love my family, and my wife knows. I try to express my love for her all the time, but as someone in my condition I am hot and cold. I can be laughing and having a good night, go get a drink and start my moods. I am working on it but worry that it will cause me to loose my family. Medicine and continuous therapy is what is getting me through this.


  2. hun my hubby has just said exactly the same “I get angry when I don’t like what hes said” well of course its going to piss me off if I don’t agree with him and im pretty sure he would get annoyed if it was the other way round. Don’t worry too much trust me its not your bipolar


    • but since we ARE bipolar, isn’t getting angry over nothing a trait of this. I know people who let silly things like this roll over their backs and its nothing to them. I feel like I get mad over the smallest, stupid things.


      • Yes being irritable is a trait but your allowed to get angry. Just deep breath and think rationally and if you still feel angry chances are your just angry anyway. Just. Dont be too hard on yourself


    • HAHAH! You might be right about that, but I felt so bad afterwards. Maybe he was right. Maybe I didn’t like what he said, and then I went off the handle. I was so mad, I had to sleep in the other room.


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