That Bipolar Bitch: Aunt Flo


That is how I feel right now, and its 2 am in the morning. I know my period is coming at the end of the week, but for 2 week prior to this day, I HAVE BEEN A SUPER BITCH IRRITATED WRECKING BALL OF FLAMES!!!!!

Is this my period or my Bipolar?

I don’t want to be touch, or kissed, or even slept in the same bed with. I hate my job. I have no future. I feel so tired…

Hm… maybe it is my period. Maybe I’m just fussing about nothing and I should just relax, take a breath, and chill..

Or maybe I’ll go punch a wall!!!!

Ladies…or men!! Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “That Bipolar Bitch: Aunt Flo

  1. Both. Well, for me, anyway. I would get suicidally depressed two weeks before my period. Pdoc said it was my progesterone levels dipping. He suggested a plant based progesterone cream. Worked miracles. But probably fuels my progesterone receptor positive cancer too, but that’s a whole other story.

    Oh and pillows don’t do it for me. I hit the concrete with a metal weeder. 😀 Yes, I have anger issues.


  2. I wonder if it’s common for bipolars to have terrible pms? I used to be totally dominated by my cycles. I’d get almost psychotic with pms. Now I’ve gone through super-early menopause and have new hormonal complaints…but at least I don’t have pms or periods any more. I would never rule out hormones as a cause for your angst though. Hang in there! Punch only padded walls!


  3. It’s always a waiting game for us, isn’t it? Feel like putting a fist through the wall, but trying to wait and be ok with the knowledge that it does get better eventually. Don’t punch a wall. It’s not good for you or the wall, but punching pillows can help. They do for me sometime.


  4. I’m in that exact same place and didn’t share the bed with my wife till I got a simple job yesterday. Hang in there; relax and take your time off; pamper yourself on a credit card at cafes, buy nothing but essentials. When the time comes and you get a job, you will be back to being an awesome fucking hero overnight.
    Aimer Shama


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