Money, Money, Money

So, I’ve never been good with money. I don’t know if that’s a bipolar side effect or just bad life training, but it seems when I get money, it goes…quickly

Today I had a bad argument with fiance over money. I have to admit, alot of what he said was right. I’m not aware of what’s going in and out of our account. I’m not frugal. I can’t seem to save a lick.

What’s wrong with me right now? In my life. In this moment. Why does it seem that every week..shit, everyday there is something wrong with me.

So, what do I do now? How do I learn about money now that I’m so bad and stuck in my ways? Is this really just my bipolar?

5 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money

  1. For me, it’s the bipolar. I had zero, ZERO impulse control until I went on the Topamax. I have stayed on it all these years because it’s the only thing that has enabled me to keep money in the bank. It was like night and day. I couldn’t distinguish between wants and needs. I had no idea where the money went. I just plain couldn’t control myself. Now I have some measure of control and I’m able to save money and not spend down to my last nickel. This is a huge relief to me and a huge change. It’s all biological for me.


      • Good Sunday morning…I hope it’s not “coming down” on you. It’s OK to say you are bad with money…So what? I find, now that I’m in my late 60’s, that I feel comfortable talking about bipolar, weight, meds, finances, etc. Why not? Don’t be ashamed of anything. I always think this encourages people to talk and realize we are all in this together; no one gets out alive. Share and share alike.

        The trick is to own up to money issues; get help with them and laugh about it. No shame, please.

        Have a great end of July week.

        The Night Heron


  2. Now, hold on. You’ve admitted several flaws…some people can’t handle admitting flaws, so good for you. You’ve been reading my mail–I too can’t handle money. to me, there is nothing so good as helping someone out (if I can); my gentleman (?) friend says “pay yourself first.” Ha, what a jerk. If it ain’t in you, it ain’t in you. Take the step to hire a debt consultant and follow through with what he/she says. Don’t discuss money with your friend at this point; wait until you get better. Money is the root of all evil truly and causes more break-ups than anything else. I’m no longer young, but I’ve learned a lot. Your friend should know by now what the bipolar flaws are. He should be helping you, not nagging or yelling. You need his support not arguments. Good luck. You’ve got to handle this for the rest of your life and it doesn’t get any better so dig in and conquer with your boyfriend’s help.


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