Excuse my absence…im bipolar.

God! I’m not good with writing things lately. I’ve been trying to pull my life out of the bipolar gutter.

I mean, I know what’s happening to me. I recognize the signs, but I can’t stop….

I’m learning “mindfullness”, but fuck that! How can I be mindful when my mind is FULL! I need to get back on meds and start eliminating this stupid disease.

This stupid hated disease….

4 thoughts on “Excuse my absence…im bipolar.

  1. I have been attempting mindfulness for 20 years. See how well it worked for me? Just kidding. In all seriousness, try the meds. It’s the only think that helped me. And this may sound random but get your thyroid checked. It can cause similar symptoms.
    Feel better!


  2. Hi,

    Yes, I can see where anyone can think practicing mindfulness might be a bit much especially when your brain isn’t working like you’d like. But it really does work. All it means is that you try to harness your thoughts while engaging in something you might find enjoyable. Let yourself go and enjoy whatever you are doing at the moment. Of course that means finding some activity you can “lose” youself in.

    Good luck from a past sufferer of depression.



  3. I’ve been taking a look at mindfulness too. There’s something I find a little too…flaky about it. Like it promises more than it can actually deliver.


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