How’s life?…..

So I have stopped smoking and eating bread.

I cut out bread for FAT PEOPLE reasons, and I stopped smoking for my health and job-life purposes. I’m a little scared to stop smoking because I know how smoking helps my BP. Now, I HAVE to get back on meds.

I hate how the world sees smoking as a negative, when it really is a positive…and a negative..

So, lets see how this goes. I’m 2 days in and I’m….itching!!


How are you?

5 thoughts on “How’s life?…..

  1. Hang in there. Quitting isnt as difficult as people like to make out. If you’ve decided to make the step, then thats half the battle. I found that whilst smoking I worried about the health effects and that worry is quite unhealthy in itself.


  2. I don’t really smoke because my lungs are really messed up lol I see how it can help some people, taking meds is also taking drugs and they do have side effects and affect health right? I also stopped with bread, did you know there are some researched relating bipolar disorder with gluten? lol we are so screwed


    • haha! we are screwed! how has your no eating bread been for you? I been reading articles on it and it seems pretty hard! I’m not excited about the ride i’m in for.


      • I dont really care so far at all. I was never much of a bread eater. But after moving to where i live now (netherlands) bread is REALLY BIG. In the mornings and lunch. So I got kinda addicted for a while, since they eat it with chocolate hahahah

        But i got rid of it after i found this nice lifestyle called raw vegan, or vegan raw dunno what order it goes

        you pretty much eat fruits, nuts and plants. thats it. it increased my mood alot, (dunno if it was the bread or the diet itself) but this diet works amazingly for bipolars, dunno if I can keep it up though hahaha


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