I am SO ANGRY right now…

I could KILL someone.

Why am I angry? A friend who moved out of the country, who is suppose to be in my wedding, has come back into the states since the 7th, has not called me AT ALL, and is suppose to be a bridesmaid in my wedding..

I found that she was in town, and my RAGE went off! I’m still sooo angry about everything in my life because of that. How do I stop this anger? I keep reading about triggers, but it seems like every time I get angry its about a different thing.

I went to a friend’s graduation party today, and these friends have always told me I have been angry. I didn’t even want to stay at the event. I sat there, anger and sad, not talking to anymore (which is so unlike me) and I felt like a fool.

I’m a fool who is anger, broke, unskilled, and lost.

At least I’m employed.

Rant on, my friends!

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