Turning in a Vampire.

I hate sleeping nowadays. Between my fiance snoring me to death, the rain machine, and the space heater loudness, I am NOT sleeping. They all wouldn’t be the problem if I could just shut my brain off as well.

I wish I was still on Seroquel. 

I wish I could lay my head down, like my fiance, and knock out. That’s how you know he isn’t plagued with mental illness, when they knock out in two seconds. Doushe…

Now, I’m patrolling the internet like a dog in heat. Waiting for something interesting to catch my eye so I can start counting sheep. I even made a cup of tea.

I’m trying to keep a lid on my personal life and with little sleep and not smoking or drinking, I feel like this is going to get uglier before its gets okay. 

Any sleep remedies you use?

2 thoughts on “Turning in a Vampire.

  1. When thoughts keep racing through my mind and I am trying to fall asleep, I do a mental accounting that is like meditation. I write the thought down on an imaginary piece of paper, then throw it away in an imaginary wastebasket. If the thought comes back, I repeat the process. Eventually it goes away. I do this for each thought that crosses my mind while I am trying to rest. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work on the first try, it takes a while before this works.

    As for a snoring bed partner, I just poke my husband gently until he rolls on his side and stops snoring for a few minutes.

    Also, pdoc told me that bipolars should rest even if they can’t sleep. So no more internet trolling for you! Lie in bed or lie on the couch or someplace where you can relax. Computers tend to keep the mind awake so you are just defeating yourself. Beware the TV it can do the same thing.

    Hope this helps.


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