Morning Anger

I do not like waking up in the morning with people up before me.

I know that’s stupid and that’s something I can’t help, but I hate hate hate it now that we have a houseguest, and I wake up to find him already on the tv, or walking around. I have always been a HORRIBLE morning person. I have rules for people who are staying with me:

1. Don’t talk to me in the mornings. Please.

My nana and mom never got this. Right when I get up, they would want to have a conversation with me. I would get so mad because of it. Now, I see nothing has changed in this department for me. I’m still SUPER BITCH. I just got up, ate, and went back to bed because my anger was raising up. Usually, about this time, its only me in the house.

I feel so bad now that I have isolated myself, but I know its something I need to do, in order to have a good day.

Remember…this is about me now. Me. Do you have really bad Morning Anger?

Ps. I am not revealing my super embarrassing time the other night. Thanks for the great comments though. I have lived and learned- never to do it again.

Rant on, my friends!

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