No more drugs for me

I have took my last pill two days ago.

Am I in trouble? Will I start right back to old BP me? With the pills, I would fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. I think all those pills did for me was give me the amount of sleep I really did need.

Even if it was the Seroquel, I felt better going to sleep and waking up 8-9 hours later. Its like my mind got the rest it need to refuel, and recharge. i now know the importance of sleeping at the same time, and waking up at the same time.But now….we have a houseguest. Its my friend, who had ran into my bad times like myself (its funny, but everyone around still needs MY help. Where are you for me? Argh! It will never change!). The only thing is that while he has been here, he has been taking over our tv and games. Everytime I wake up, the TV already is on in the living room.

A little……actually a BIG UGH! I want to help him, but at the same time, don’t touch my stuff, go out and find a job, and leave.

Yup, now that the meds are gone, I can feel my annoyed, angry self come back. The only different thing about this time…

I refuse to go back and lost my focus and track. I’m ready to do for ME, and leave everyone eating dirt, because that’s what most of them deserve.

2 thoughts on “No more drugs for me

  1. Don’t worry you’ll be fine. Worrying leads to nothing good. With some decent self-reflection (you know when you think thoughts just laugh at them and try to place them somewhere constructive) you don’t need pills. Oh and tell your friend what’s up in a normal conversation


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