This is Great! My mom always told me that you can count your true friends on one hand, and well you can, but for people suffering from mental illness it can be hard. I wonder how many people will be by my side if I told them about my mental illness. At least the guy in the video had one friend. What a great PSA!

Are you one of those friends?

5 thoughts on “Are you one of those friends?

  1. Wow. I’m on the same page.. I’m worried what people will say when they find out. But I’m doing it. I’m putting everything on my blog. Every little thing that might help someone else in my situation. Thanks for posting this vid.


  2. hahahah i wish this psa spoke truth , i have no friends. apperntly im all drama . i have no drama, its my stupid fucken mood. they just dont understand , not even my own family understands,
    fuck i seen this show where a guy made a wonderful smoothie , he added bananas , some sort of vanilla soy milk. powder drink mix, nice big bottle of pills. im debating copying that recipe tonight


    • Oh no! Please don’t do anything that isn’t good for you. I know people don’t understand you, but who fucking needs to but you in this world? Before you can make friends worthy of your time, you got to befriend yourself. I know this isn’t going to help, but your not alone. I’m struggling just like you, inside and out, and it sucks soooo bad. Writing this stuff out is the best thing and going to talk to someone too. If you need that, I’m here for you. Please don’t end something that hasn’t even began.


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