The biggest UGH I can ever have…


This is how I feel today. This is how I feel most days now. I’m still taking my Seroquel, but missed it two days last week because I was drinking and smoking my problems away. That’s probably why I feel like this…but my problems haven’t gone away, and now I feel like UGH. UGH for letting myself lose control and give into the voice inside that says “drink it away. smoke it away. it’s fine. you’ll have fun and your problems won’t be there”. Fuck that voice, and fuck me for listening.

Now?!Now..I guess I’m just feeling down and UGH for things not working out like I want to, but that’s my problem…I always want things to work out on my time. I don’t want to sit here everyday, pretending I did something with my day. I want to do something…SHHHIITT!!

SHIT for this mind of mine and UGH for the feeling!

This post is nothing but an angry UGH rant for nothing.

3 thoughts on “The biggest UGH I can ever have…

Rant on, my friends!

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