A NO thinking day

I have no idea what to put down today.

There are alot of things in my head, but nothing that I feel so significant to write down and explore. Some days are like this I guess, but its weird for me because I ALWAYS have something to get out. Maybe today for me is a reflection day. To see how far I’ve come in my little two weeks of blogging.

Is that ample enough time for a break? I mean I do have a Kit Kat in the fridge….

Well, I dub thee day ” let-not-try-to-think-too-much-day” . So, for all of you, this is your challenge. I want you to not think at all today, unless your in a crazy situation where I’d say THINK DAMN IT, THINK! I want you to ignore your running mind and just relax. Nothing in my mind can hurt me today because I’m not listening.

Please join me in this non think day, and tell me how it went for you! Good luck

2 thoughts on “A NO thinking day

Rant on, my friends!

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