I wish there were commercials like this everywhere! If there were commercials like this in the U.S., I think people wouldn’t have a problem talking about it. Can you imagine having a mental illness and you can go out with your friends and discuss it openly, freely. The worst part about the stigma is that I have to pretend to be someone when I’m not. I have to pretend to be happy and fun, when all I want to do it cry and hide. This is the beginning of a movement, to let people know its okay to have this or that. It’s okay. Pass this along! Thanks Depressed Pessimist.

Stigma Be Gone.

10 thoughts on “Stigma Be Gone.

  1. I posted this video on my blog as well! So glad to see that someone shares the same view as I do about this. Would LOVE LOVE to see this ad in the United States. I strongly believe the more we’re surrounded by something, the more we turn into it. So stop all this negativity and cultivate more meaning.

    Anywho. Nice to meet your blog.

    PS feel free to come on by and say hi!


  2. Reblogged this on Bipolar 2 Dad and commented:
    This is a pretty good PSA for mental health in the workplace. I’m very worried about my health at work and how I will be perceived, and I think that by having commercials like this around to dispel the mysticism of mental health, things can only get better. As long as they are done with respect and in good taste, things will get better


    • Send this to them. Its funny because they know that’s how they are feeling. After sending it, bring it up to them because now the door is open. OR, not because it’s still probably too much to bear, for them and you. Either way, help them understand.


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