Like mother, like daughter

My mom is just like me.

Or should I say I’m just like my mom. I called her today, and she sounded down. She was at home and not working. My mother drives a cab for a living, and loves it. She love the freedom that it gives, and it also pays her. The only thing is, my mom has been diagnosed with a plethora of mental illnesses. She depressed, schizophrenic, bi-polar, and more.

I called and she told me she was feeling depressed.

How do you handle when a family member is depressed, when you know exactly how they feel? For me, if I told someone I was depressed, I want to left alone. To lay in my room, and never wake up. I hate coming outside to even pee. It’s bad. So, when my mom is feeling like that, how do I help? She didn’t want to talk on the phone, and I’m afraid if I go over there, she wouldn’t want to see me.

How can I save her from herself? You know, this is exactly what I’m trying to do for myself. This journal is something that help me. What if it can help my mom? Maybe I’ll give her the link, and let her read what’s going on with me. Maybe this will make her feel like she’s not alone – without having to sit with other people. (My mom isn’t a people person, but yet, she drive a cab. Interesting…)

Ma, this is for you. If you read this, and you feel depressed or sad, know that you’re not going through this alone. Know there are millions of people out there with this dark cloud looming overhead. Know I’m here for you, and I know what you’re going through.

It get better…right…

How do you help a family member go through something you are to?

Rant on, my friends!

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