I hate Celebrities, but can I have your autograph?!

Celebrities stink!

I hate watching American Idols, and America’s got Talent, or anything where people are showing off something unique about themselves. You know why? I’m jealous.

There I said:       I ‘ M J E A L O U S ! ! !

I’m jealous because these people have found something that they really enjoy, and can do well. They found a part of themselves, went out, showed it to the world, and BOOM they are superstars. I wish I could produce a cat out of my ass, or dance like Beyonce, but really I don’t have a talent that I can show the world and become something great.

I am a Leo, and Leos are born to be in the spotlight. Every one of those horoscope books tell you that Leos are people creatures. We crave attention, and are natural born leaders. This I can not deny. I love going to parties and meeting everyone there. I love singing karaoke in a packed bar. There are loads of Leos in entertainment and politics in our world that do amazing things. Hell, President Obama and I have the same birthdayWhere is my glory? Where is my television show, and E! Special? Giuliana, i’m here!

The point to all this is, a trigger of of mine are celebrities, and I can’t seem to get away. I will be honest, I go on gossip sites and watch E! news, but only to see if their lives are crumbling around them, like mine.

HA HA! So your getting a divorce? Wonderful!

Oh, your coming out saying your losing all your money! Welcome to the pain! Party of YOU!

I know it horrible, but I like to hear of others in pain, because i’m in pain. This doesn’t work on my friends. If they are in trouble, or pain, I feel pain, and try to help them as best as I can. It’s only to people that I’m not close to that I want them to hurt. I’m sorry if this backs people away from this blog or my life, but I don’t know if this aspect is me, or the BP.

I should be encouraged to want to follow into someone who has great footsteps, but i don’t. I’ve never have a role model, other than my mom, and she’s more crazy than me. Should I never watch TV or read the news at all? Am I really selfish?

I don’t want to watch tv and get angry at people who I don’t know if they struggled to get  to that point. I don’t want to feel hate. Are you celeb-hating? Is there a club out there for us?!

Rant on, my friends!

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