I have an idea for my idea

I can do it! I can do that too! That too!

That what I say to myself whenever a really cool idea comes into my head.

Oh! You haven’t heard? I’m the master of ideas. I’m the David Blaine of world changing scenarios, I’m the Ali of pretend! I feel like I can’t write them down fast enough, they are so good. But, the craziest thing is once I say them to someone out-loud, they seem like a joke.

I have always been kind of a deep thinker, since my mind always on the go, I can remember from a early age staying up at night, just thinking about movie endings, what I would do if this.., and what happened at school last week, and I think I left my book bag.., and when the summers comes im going.. and…and..

How do I deal with it? I indulge.

If an idea pops into my head that I think is cool, but may be too crazy to tell, I google it and see how many people in the world have thought of my idea. This means I’m not giving up on it, but I’m doing the first thing any inventor/business person would do – research. Sometimes though, my ideas are pretty awesome, and should be followed thru, but my mind hates finishing anything.

In reality, I’m probably a commitment-phobe. (Did I tell you I’m getting married..) Is anyone out there like me? Can you commit?

Rant on, my friends!

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