Wakey, wakey, you bipolar mess, you

Waking up to a new day is boring.

Glad that I’m alive, but also resentful that I am. Its sad when you can’t seem to find a thing to open your eyes for anymore.

‘you have all these great things around you! A wonderful fiance, a great home, love..’

Bah HUM BUG sucka! It doesn’t mean anything to me.

Even while typing that I know that’s wrong, but I cant shake the feeling of bland, dull, and lifeless. I’m not waking up for me anymore, but really for my close family and friends. I mean they wouldn’t want to come to my funeral. I wouldn’t…

So what will I do? Well I’ll walk around the house a little, clean up, look online for responses to my applications, get mad that no one has responded to an able-body, degree-holding, skilled woman, turn on Skyrim, then go out with my resume to get denied because my little town isn’t hiring for anyone.

Not even the strip clubs.. Hm!

Positive thinking will help right? WRONG! I couldn’t positively get myself into a job right now if I tried, but that’s what I’m going to do….try. If you thought I was going to say think be positive, your wrong. That’s for dummies with alternative life blogs.

I’m no dummy.

Posted from a woman on the go

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